Collection of the projects built by me.

Genics Blog >

An open source blogging platform for software developers to share their technical knowledge and gain reach. Read by 1k+ people per month.

Ruby Python Shell JavaScript
JekyllEx >

A android app to control a jekyll powered blogs from an Android device. Uses GitHub API, WIP for native Jekyll binaries.

Kotlin C++ NDK
Code-19 >

A non-profit fund raising coding contest initiated to foster interest regarding competitive programming among young students while contributing to India's fight against COVID-19.

C++ Python
Ruby for Android >

[WIP] I'm trying to compile the Ruby language for Android so that software like Jekyll can be ported to Android.

Impilo >

A health and sanitation management platform that connects people and municipalities to work towards a better environment.

Java PHP
ICS Reader >

A custom Jekyll plugin that reads ICS files and exposes event details to liquid variable for rendering calendars.

Fontize >

An Android library written in kotlin that enables android apps to have multiple fonts for views and switch between them in a jiffy!

Accolib >

An easy to use android library that helps you create accordions in an Android app with ease.

Jekyll Auto Authors >

The only ruby gem for jekyll that truly adds paginated multi-authors support to a Jekyll powered site. Solves a 12 year old problem.

Jekyll URL Metadata >

A jekyll plugin to expose meta data of a webpage to liquid variables by extractging them just from its url string.

Quotes App >

A Quotes App with a cool swiping UI. Allows bookmarks and sharing beautiful images of quotes.

Text Recognizer >

An android app that uses Google's ML Kit to recognize texts from images.

Java Kotlin
Jekyll Hostname >

A Jekyll plugin that allows you to extract the hostname from a URL string by providing a handy liquid filters.

NextGenHelloWorld >

A java program that implements multi-threading to showcase how to make a cool hello world program.

Deref >

A Web, API and CLI interface to find a URL's redirection path without manually opening it.

Javascript Node.js
Directrix >

An API to setup a custom domain branded link shortener / redirector easily.

Javascript Node.js
HBD Wish >

A Next.js web app to generate birthday wishe card links that can be sent to your friends.

StrikeIt >

A Next.js web app to add strike through to texts.

Genics Bot >

Community bot for's discord server.

Javascript discord.js
Jekyllex API >

A proxy API to fetch user profile and indentities securely from the Auth0 User Management API.

Javascript Node.js
RecycleAid >

A web app that instructs how to recycle objects in an image and what things could be built with them.

Jupyter Python Javascript
Jekyll Hashsert >

A jekyll plugin that inserts random hashes of custom length into strings.

Room Paging3 Demo >

A demo implementation of the Paging3 library with a local Room data source without a network layer.

Auth0 Demo Android >

A demo implementation of the Auth0 SDKs to add authentication functionalities in an Android app.

Portfolio website >

The code for this portfolio website. Built with Ruby, HTML, TailwindCSS and Javascript.

Ruby Javascript
PRs Demo >

Demo repository for tutorial about GitHub Pull Requests on

Visit my GitHub profile >